Our Services

We offer top of the line services starting with a problem focused exam. After evalutaing our clients, we will offer Chiropracitc adjustments, Dry Needling therapy, or Graston technique soft tissue mobilization, Functional movement taping, or effective treatment plans to help you achieve your goals.

Diversified Adjusting

Diversified chiropractic manipulation helps to improve the alignment and motion of the spine and extremities. Soft tissue therapies including Dry needling, Graston, and trigger point work help to support chiropractic adjusting by improving range of motion, and increasing blood flow to injured tissues. We use chiropractic adjusting, soft tissue therapies, and lifestyle modification to alleviate pain, increase function, and improve overall quality of life.

Graston Technique

Graston technique is a soft tissue therapy using specially shaped steelinstruments to smooth scarredor knotted muscle and fascial tissue. This therapy is great for post surgical scars, chronic injuries, or even chronic pain.

Dry Needling Therapy

This is a therapy involving inserting fine, solid needles into tight, inflamed, or knotted tissues inorder to relax and improve blood flow. This can be the game changer for long-term soft tissueconditions that have failed to respond to exercise, stretching, or adjusting alone.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is a soft tissue therapy involving placing specially designed cups on the skin, and evacuating some of the air in order to draw the soft tissue up into the cup. Doing this creates lift, which pulls fluids through the tissue, increasing blood flow to the local area, and decompressing adhesions within the fascia between the skin and underlying tissues.

Functional Movement Taping

Functional movement taping is a great way to support your treatment. It alleviates pain, improves blood flow, and helps to reinforce your body’s natural stabilizing mechanisms to support what we are workingon such as shoulders, spinal regions, hips, elbows knees, and other areas.

Effective Treatment Planning

We don’t do high-pressure, long-term treatment plans. We do manage our patients conditions effectively with science-backed therapies and treatment frequency. We work together with our patients to build a treatment plan that helps them achieve their goals in a timely, cost effective way. Some folks come in regularly in order to prevent issues, others come in for periodic treatment when issues arise, and we’re here to treat everybody.

More new Happy Patients

Katy B.

I worked with Dr. David Dalgardno during my pregnancy as well as neck issue before my pregnancy. Unbelievable guy that is super caring, knows I his stuff and I would easily recommend him in a heart beat. He’s changed my perspective of a chiropractor. Didn’t know there where different types of practice. He does things the right way.

Adam G.

Exemplary chiropractic care! Dave’s attention to detail and understanding of individual’s needs sets him apart.

Lucas D.

Was experiencing some back pain and stiffness due to my hips being out of place and my spine curving. Dr David fixed me up with an adjustment and did a great job explaining the issue to me… I plan on going back for regular maintenance!